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Tripeaks Solitaire Game

Are you familiar with tripeaks solitaire? It is another game version of the well-known solitaire. Combining Golf and Pyramid solitaire games, this game no doubt creates a challenge for fanatic fans of solitaire. If you are willing to start this game yet still not sure about the rules behind it, this page is then for you.

Getting to Know Tripeaks Solitaire

Tripeaks solitaire is a fast-paced card game just like Golf. However, it is not as mechanical as Golf. This game put the highlight more on vision and thought in order to accomplish the main objective of the game.
Just like the name defines, tripeaks solitaire has 3 peaks of cards that are overlapping in the bottom parts. To win this game, you have to demolish all the peaks by removing the cards starting from the bottom to each peak. The cards on the tableau are sent to the waste pile.

How to Play Tripeaks Solitaire

Starting the tripeaks solitaire game, you will find a single waste pile as the place to send the removed card from the building. The rule to put the cards into the waste pile is easy. You are allowed to transfer a card there as long as the card follows the descending or ascending sequence of the available card on the waste pile. No same suit is required.
For instance, if the top card on the waste pile is 5, then you can put another card in 4 or 6 into it without considering its suit. As for the kings, the descending and ascending levels will be the queens and aces. The rule goes the same for the aces.
If you get stuck and no more cards can be sent to the waste pile, then you can click the stock card for help. If there is no more left on the stock card, your game is then over. It is a challenging game, isn’t it?

Variations of Tripeaks Solitaire

There are two variations in this game which represent the level of difficulties in playing it. The easy mode is card face-up. You will have all your cards in the tableau face-up during the game. Meanwhile, the difficult mode is card face-down. You will not see any cards opened in the game. Therefore, you will work hard to use your memory and vision in successfully earning the highest point in this game.
Solitaire has many variations for its fans. This game is one that can answer your thirst for challenges. Do not forget to use your time optimally as there is a bonus if you are able to win this tripeaks solitaire fast.